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Fruitlands Schist

Alexandra Stone Quarries are excited to announce the opening of another schist stone quarry in Central Otago called “Fruitlands”.

“Fruitlands” is a settlement in New Zealand. It is situated on State Highway 8, 14km from Alexandra.

Bald Hill Flat was renamed Fruitlands in 1915, in recognition of it becoming a fruit growing area.

The establishment of orchards failed to produce when only one crop of fruit was ever exported.

There was lots of irrigation water available during the summertime but the hard winter frosts destroyed most of the fruit trees.

Once a community with school, post office and church, today the area is a collection of modern farm houses, and the remains of miners' stone cottages; some derelict, others restored.

A example of restored houses are John Mitchell's cottage, and the Speargrass Inn which was Speargrass Hotel.

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