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stone supply


We guillotine cut the stone into widths approx 180mm or 150mm when requested, with specific dimensions from our clients.  We also produce guillotine cut corner stone (cut with a 90 degree angle).  We are able to process and deliver "stack" and "corner" building stone, paving, sills and capping.  It is then placed into tough (approx one tonne) stone bags, which have been specifically designed to carry our stone with minimal damage and ease of handling, and then transported to your chosen destination.   The number of metres per bag depends on the project but 3.5m2 - 5m2 is achievable depending on the style of stonework.


There is a diverse range of colours representing the areas of our region.  The earthy red, browns, greens, fawns, greys and white create an aesthetic mixture of colour for various types of stonework.


Because we have our own quarries we are able to tailor the requested stone to suit the clients needs, often mixing various stone to achieve the desired mix. 





Using diamond saws, the schist can be cut down to a light weight veneer that can be glued onto approved panels.  Advantages of this include reduced weight, lower transport costs, faster installation and lower structural requirements for the building.  Call us for a quote!



Alexandra Stone is a family-run company and has been in the business for over 40 years.  During that time we have built up an incredible amount of knowledge using schist as a premium natural building material, to use as cladding on commercial and residential projects  around New Zealand and Australia.


We source our schist stone from various locations around the heart of Central Otago, providing the customer with the colouring and sizing that suits their project.



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