Alexandra Stone is a schist specialist from Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand. Alexandra Stone aim to deliver quality schist as a premium, sustainable, natural, unique building material.  Schist stone is the perfect cladding for commercial and residential buildings and landscaping projects around New Zealand and Australia.


 Fruitlands Stone The majority of Alexandra Stone schist is quarried from Fruitlands, Central Otago.  Fruitlands Stone is chosen for its slab like structure and unique fine-grained smooth surfaces.  The autumn colours are interspersed with quartz and greys to create an aesthetic style for various types of stonework.  Fruitlands Stone epitomises all of the colours of Central Otago.  


 Quarrying of schist since 1975 Alexandra Stone remain the longest-operating schist quarry company in Central Otago.  Dave Grant, along with his wife Suzanne have gained an incredible amount of knowledge throughout the years, working closely with architects, builders and stonemasons to help achieve your desired project.


 Our devoted team is committed to delivering the highest quality of guillotined cut schist stone products at competitive rates.  Contact us with any questions.