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Chunky Schist Stones for a dry stack landscaped retaining wall was the request!

Our Fruitlands Quarry can do special requests of any size stones.

Chunky 200 - 250mm long Schist Stone

The client purchased the stone direct from our Fruutlands Quarries and he contracted Matt Earney from Central Landscaping and Irrigation to complete his drystone stack landscaping wall project.

We arranged for a Hiab to deliver the schist stone onsite in Clyde.

The end result certainly adds value to your property. Virtually maintenance free and looks much better than a sloping hill.

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  • Alexandra Stone Quarries

A sneak preview of this fireplace where height and weight restrictions meant traditional cut schist stone is problematic to install.

We used our traditional Fruitlands Schist Stone from our Fruitland’s Quarry that we guillotined, and then using our diamond blade saw to cut the face off to produce a 40mm thick veneer.

This photograph is a prime example of Pembrook Schist installing our Lightweight Fruitlands Veneer with a wide joint and then flush pointed in a creamy white colour to achieve a contemporary appearance.

Pembrook Schist from Wanaka is a stonework specialist who install’s Lightweight veneer stone.

They have an experienced large team of highly-skilled stonemasons who will install our Fruitlands Schist Veneer stone at competitive rates.

Phone Aidan on 022 109 6142 for your next installation project.

We are proud to work with Aidan on his lightweight veneer projects.

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  • Alexandra Stone Quarries

And low maintenance!

Here at Hanleys Farm, Jack’s Point the developer wanted a locally sourced schist stone cladding that would compliment his development.

Our Fruitlands Schist Stone located in the heart of Central Otago was the perfect fit for this landscaping stone wall.

Alexandra Stone Quarries Ltd has a consistent and reliable source of local schist stone formed naturally at our back door.

This fully licensed operation can deliver schist stone for any project across New Zealand and beyond.

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