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Preserving Heritage: The Timeless Beauty of Rock Walls in Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago


In the heart of Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago District lies a historical feature that not only stands as a testament to the region's geological richness but also serves as a cornerstone in landscaping and property enhancement.

At Alexandra Stone Quarries, we take pride in our role of supplying top-quality rock from our Fruitlands Quarry, contributing to the enduring charm of the area through well-crafted rock walls.

Rock walls have become an integral part of the region's landscape, reflecting both the geological diversity and the craftsmanship of those who work with these natural materials. Our schist, extracted from the Fruitlands Quarry, boasts a straight face that makes it ideal for stacking, ensuring that every rock wall constructed achieves a standard of excellence that surpasses expectations.

When it comes to earthworks and landscape design, the value and character of a property can be significantly elevated through thoughtful planning and the incorporation of distinctive features like rock walls and stone steps. At Alexandra Stone Quarries, we understand the importance of these design elements in transforming outdoor spaces.

Whether you envision a charming garden wall or require an engineered retaining wall for practical purposes, our schist stone stands ready to meet your needs. Its inherent qualities not only lend a timeless aesthetic to your property but also provide the structural integrity required for reliable and durable construction.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the mere supply of quality rock – we offer a comprehensive service that ensures your rock wall project is executed to the highest standards. From initial consultation to the final placement of each stone, we work closely with excavation companies to guarantee that the resulting rock walls enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings.

In conclusion, the rich geological history of Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago District finds expression in the enduring allure of rock walls. Alexandra Stone Quarries is dedicated to preserving this legacy by supplying superior schist stone that not only adds character and value to your property but also stands as a symbol of the region's natural beauty. Elevate your landscape design with the timeless charm of rock walls crafted from the finest schist, and let your property tell a story that transcends generations.

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