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Why use Fruitlands Schist Stone Lightweight Veneer

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Looking for a visually appealing and functional cladding solution for your project? Look no further than the Fruitlands Schist Stone Lightweight Veneer from Alexandra Stone Quarries.

The lightweight stone veneer is a popular choice for both exterior and interior projects where traditional stone installation is difficult due to weight or space restrictions. This is because it is produced by cutting the stone with a guillotine and then slicing off the face at a thickness of 40mm using a diamond-bladed saw. It can then be glued onto a backing board, similar to installing tiles, making it ideal for a range of settings.

When paired with L-shaped corners, the lightweight veneer can create an authentic natural look on any project.

It can also be combined with traditional stone cuts, seamlessly matching in with natural stone.

The added bonus? Our lightweight veneer is shipped directly from our Quarry at a lower cost than other cladding options on the market.

Don't settle for less when it comes to your project. Choose Fruitlands Schist Stone Lightweight Veneer for a stunning and practical cladding solution.

You can read more about our Fruitlands Schist Stone Lightweight Veneer Cladding here -

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